promenadeA better life is just a stroll away. Living in the promenade residences makes you worry less and focus more on what life has to offer. Start finding your inspiration here at Promenade Residences in Molino Road, Dasmarinas Cavite.

Promenade Home Series Collection
A home that defines you.

Desiree Home Series – Molino Cavite
-A single attached bungalow home perfect for newly married couples, single adult or even empty nesters who wants to start out on their own and who wish to have an easy to maintain and affordable home.

House Area: 42 sq.m

Courtney Home Series – Molino Cavite
-a single attached two-storey home ideal for starting families because it comes with 2 bedrooms and big living area perfect for a growing family.

House Area: 52 sq.m
Lot Area: 96 sq.m

Bellatrix Home Series – Molino Cavite
-with flexible and stylish home layout ideal for single or starting families who wish to have a different home from other living spaces.

House Area: 54 sq.m
Lot Area: 96 sq.m

Arabella Home Series – Molino Dasmarinas Cavite
-a single detached full 2-storey home perfect for couples with children because it  already comes with big lot space and offers expansion options for future plans.

House Area: 65 sq.m
Lot Area: 120 sq.m